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Barrow Project

An Alaska helical pile solution tough enough to get through permafrost.
helical pile foundations alaska


The owner needed a foundation solution in permafrost for their pig launching/receiving project which supplies natural gas to remote villages in northern Alaska. The project was limited on the amount of equipment, material, and manpower that could be mobilized to the remote job sites.


The vertical integration of TorcSill’s company was a great fit for the needs of this complex project. Our client had a seamless experience with their project’s costs and timelines by keeping the design, manufacturing, and installation of this project with one company.


TorcSill worked with geotechnical and structural engineering groups to design a helical pile foundation that met their needs as far as, load cases, timely installation, and with a reduced footprint due to the need for transportation across the tundra.


Once TorcSill completed the design, our manufacturing team fabricated the helical piles in our ISO9001 facility and shipped them to Alaska.


TorcSill then worked in conjunction with local vendors and contractors to coordinate the safe transportation of the helical pile materials and installation equipment across the frozen tundra. TorcSill installed 34 helical piles into the permafrost for equipment and piping that will support the needed upgrades to the facilities.

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