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Engineering SERVICES

TorcSill provides specialized engineering services for foundation project design and execution and holds Professional Engineering licenses in 23 states. Our suite of services fulfills every foundation need, while meeting project objectives and providing support for our clients’ internal design resources before, during and after project completion.

During the design phase, TorcSill’s dedicated structural and civil engineering TEAM works with the client to examine soil conditions, equipment loading and environmental factors related to foundation installations. The results of the investigations are provided via detailed reports to clients and other project personnel.


  • Torque profile testing and analysis to determine soil bearing capacity at project site
  • Examination and interpretation of geotechnical reports to predict soil conditions
  • Foundation design based on load specifications and soil conditions
  • Finite element analysis to determine pile capacities in specific soils
  • Design of custom piles and pile assemblies
  • Design of specialized structural components to allow interconnection between foundation and installed equipment
  • Corrosion analysis and foundation life span determination
  • Pile and component engineered drawings and as-built drafting documentation
  • P.E. stamped calculations and submittals packages for materials and project as-built documentation
  • Onsite inspection services to oversee load testing and construction quality and adherence to design

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