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Meter Skid

TorcSill exercised its in-house Engineering and local Operations presence for a quick acting, solutions-focused approach, which proved invaluable for its customer by ensuring no further delays on this foundation replacement Meter Skid Project.

Quick turnaround was critical for this Project, after the initial attempt to install a concrete foundation was unsuccessful. Originally planned for an early morning installation at a site inaccessible for large concrete trucks, the concrete lacked the additives to cure properly in extreme heat. Unforeseen delays on site pushed this concrete pour into the heat of a 100-plus degree day on the Texas Gulf Coast, leading to a nonuniform and unusable foundation.


Called into quick action by the owner, TorcSill’s Engineering TEAM evaluated the meter skid dimensions, loads and soils data to develop a steel-to-steel foundation solution. Specifying materials in inventory at TorcSill’s ISO 9001 :2015 Manufacturing facility less than one hour from the site, the design called for 15 small diameter helical piles with vertically adjustable pile terminations to precisely support the oversized meter skid.
While the owner worked to remove the failed concrete foundation, TorcSill Construction Services began preparation for installation, including One Call line locate standards and safety planning.


On the heels of a failed concrete foundation pour, TorcSill Engineering quickly designed the appropriate helical foundation for an oversized meter skid. Unhampered by weather conditions and only minutes from site, TorcSill Construction Services utilized off-the-shelf materials ready at a moment’s notice. The 15-pile emergency construction Project, completed same-day, rescued what would have been days or weeks of time lost for the owner.

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